Version 4.3.2

Release Date: February 18, 2023

4.3.2 release of CodeIgniter4


Behavior Changes


  • Due to a bug, in previous versions base_url() without argument returned baseURL without a trailing slash (/) like http://localhost:8080.

  • Now it returns baseURL with a trailing slash. This is the same behavior as base_url() in CodeIgniter 3.


  • The parameter $relative in uri_string() was removed. Due to a bug, the function always returned a path relative to baseURL.

  • When baseURL is accessed, it will now return an empty string (''). This is the same behavior as uri_string() in CodeIgniter 3. In previous versions it returned /.

Bugs Fixed

  • QueryBuilder: where() generates incorrect SQL when using RawSql

  • QueryBuilder: RawSql passed to set() disappears without error

  • Session: Can’t connect to Redis with RedisHandler over TLS

  • Autoloader: May not add Composer package’s namespaces

  • Parser: ! does not work if delimiters are changed

  • UserGuide: Added missing items in ChangeLog and Upgrading Guide v4.3.0

See the repo’s for a complete list of bugs fixed.