CodeIgniter User Guide Version 2.2.6

Inflector Helper

The Inflector Helper file contains functions that permits you to change words to plural, singular, camel case, etc.

Loading this Helper

This helper is loaded using the following code:


The following functions are available:


Changes a plural word to singular. Example:

$word = "dogs";
echo singular($word); // Returns "dog"


Changes a singular word to plural. Example:

$word = "dog";
echo plural($word); // Returns "dogs"

To force a word to end with "es" use a second "true" argument.

$word = "pass";
echo plural($word, TRUE); // Returns "passes"


Changes a string of words separated by spaces or underscores to camel case. Example:

$word = "my_dog_spot";
echo camelize($word); // Returns "myDogSpot"


Takes multiple words separated by spaces and underscores them. Example:

$word = "my dog spot";
echo underscore($word); // Returns "my_dog_spot"


Takes multiple words separated by underscores and adds spaces between them. Each word is capitalized. Example:

$word = "my_dog_spot";
echo humanize($word); // Returns "My Dog Spot"