CodeIgniter Community

CodeIgniter is a community-developed open source project,
with several venues for the community members to gather and exchange ideas.


Our forum has been setup using MyBB, with five main categories:

  • General (News & Discussion, Lounge, Events, and Regional User Groups)
  • Using CodeIgniter (Choosing CodeIgniter, Installation & Setup, Model-View-Controller, Libraries & Helpers, Best Practices, and General Help)
  • CodeIgniter 4 (development, feature requests, support, discussion)
  • Development (CodeIgniter 3.x, CodeIgniter 2.x, Issues, and NetBeand Plugin)
  • External Resources (Addons, Jobs, Learn More, and Spotlight)

The forum is where you can ask for help or discuss issues you are having with the framework.

The previous CodeIgniter forums are archived on EllisLab's server. EllisLab has provided the archived posts to us, and they are being transferred to the new forum, so all the content is together.

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CodeIgniter has its own Internet Relay Chat channel, #codeigniter.
You can connect to it using your favorite IRC client, or use webchat.

The IRC channel will often have over 80 people in it, but many of those are in different timezones, and they stay logged in to catch up on conversations when they are next around. If you are new to IRC, read this introduction first.

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The development action takes place on Github. See the contribute page for more details.

The Github repository is where you can file bug reports (Github issues), or where you can submit pull requests for enhancements to or fixes for the framework. Github is *not* for support or help, use the forum instead.

Github issues are also used for tracking planned and approved enhancements, often tied into specific releases.

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