CodeIgniter Repositories

codeigniter4 organization

The CodeIgniter 4 open source project has its own GitHub organization.

There are several development repositories, of interest to potential contributors:

Repository Audience Description
CodeIgniter4 contributors Project codebase, including tests & user guide sources
translations developers System message translations
coding-standard contributors Coding style conventions & rules
devkit developers Development toolkit for CodeIgniter libraries and projects
settings developers Settings Library for CodeIgniter 4
shield developers Authentication and Authorization Library for CodeIgniter 4
tasks developers Task Scheduler for CodeIgnter 4
cache developers PSR-6 and PSR-16 Cache Adapters for CodeIgniter 4

There are also several deployment repositories, referenced in the installation directions. The deployment repositories are built automatically when a new version is released, and they are not directly contributed to.

Repository Audience Description
framework developers Released versions of the framework
appstarter developers Starter project (app/public/writable). Dependent on “framework”
userguide anyone Pre-built user guide

In all the above, the latest version of a repository can be downloaded by selecting the “releases” link in the secondary navbar inside the “Code” tab of its GitHub repository page. The current (in development) version of each can be cloned or downloaded by selecting the “Clone or download” dropdown button on the right-hand side if the repository homepage.

Composer Packages

We also maintain composer-installable packages on These correspond to the repositories mentioned above:

See the Installation page for more information.

CodeIgniter 4 Projects

We maintain a codeigniter4projects organization on GitHub as well, with projects that are not part of the framework, but which showcase it or make it easier to work with!

Repository Audience Description
website developers The website, written in CodeIgniter 4
playground developers Basic code examples in project form. Still growing.

These are not composer-installable repositories.