Version 4.4.4

Release Date: December 28, 2023

4.4.4 release of CodeIgniter4


Validation with Dot Array Syntax

A validation rule with the wildcard * now validates only data in correct dimensions as “dot array syntax”. See Upgrading for details.

Validation rules matches and differs

Bugs have been fixed in the case where matches and differs in the Strict and Traditional rules validate data of non-string types.

The use of the ssl_key option in CURLRequest was removed

Due to a bug, we were using the undocumented ssl_key config option to define the CA bundle in CURLRequest. This was fixed and is now working according to documentation. You can define your CA bundle via the verify option.

Filesystem Helper

get_filenames() now follows symlink folders, which it previously just returned without following.


  • Full support for PHP 8.3.

Message Changes

  • Added HTTP.invalidJSON error message.

  • Added HTTP.unsupportedJSONFormat error message.


Bugs Fixed

  • CURLRequest: Fixed a bug where the hostname was checked even if options ‘verify’ was set to false.

See the repo’s for a complete list of bugs fixed.