Upgrading from 4.4.3 to 4.4.4

Please refer to the upgrade instructions corresponding to your installation method.

Mandatory File Changes

Error Files

Update the following files to show correct error messages:

  • app/Views/errors/cli/error_exception.php

  • app/Views/errors/html/error_exception.php

Breaking Changes

Validation with Dot Array Syntax

If you are using dot array syntax in validation rules, a bug where * would validate data in incorrect dimensions has been fixed.

In previous versions, the rule key contacts.*.name captured data with any level like contacts.*.name, contacts.*.*.name, contacts.*.*.*.name, etc., incorrectly.

The following code explains details:

use Config\Services;

$validation = Services::validation();

$data = [
    'contacts' => [
        'name' => 'Joe Smith',
        'just' => [
            'friends' => [
                ['name' => 'SATO Taro'],
                ['name' => 'Li Ming'],
                ['name' => 'Heinz Müller'],

    ['contacts.*.name' => 'required|max_length[8]']

$validation->run($data); // false

 Before: Captured `contacts.*.*.*.name` incorrectly.
   contacts.just.friends.0.name => "The contacts.*.name field cannot exceed 8 characters in length.",
   contacts.just.friends.2.name => "The contacts.*.name field cannot exceed 8 characters in length.",

 After: Captures no data for `contacts.*.name`.
   contacts.*.name => string (38) "The contacts.*.name field is required.",

If you have code that depends on the bug, fix the the rule key.

Validation rules matches and differs

Because bugs have been fixed in the case where matches and differs in the Strict and Traditional rules validate data of non-string types, if you are using these rules and validate non-string data, the validation results might be changed (fixed).

Note that Traditional Rules should not be used to validate data that is not a string.

The use of the ssl_key option in CURLRequest was removed

CURLRequest option ssl_key it’s not recognized anymore. If in use, option ssl_key must be replaced with option verify in order to define the path to a CA bundle for CURLRequest.

CURLRequest option verify can also take boolean values as usual.

Project Files

Some files in the project space (root, app, public, writable) received updates. Due to these files being outside of the system scope they will not be changed without your intervention.

There are some third-party CodeIgniter modules available to assist with merging changes to the project space: Explore on Packagist.

All Changes

This is a list of all files in the project space that received changes; many will be simple comments or formatting that have no effect on the runtime:

  • app/Config/App.php

  • app/Config/Autoload.php

  • app/Config/Boot/development.php

  • app/Config/Boot/testing.php

  • app/Config/Cache.php

  • app/Config/Email.php

  • app/Config/Filters.php

  • app/Config/Kint.php

  • app/Config/Modules.php

  • app/Config/Publisher.php

  • app/Config/Session.php

  • app/Views/errors/cli/error_exception.php

  • app/Views/errors/html/error_exception.php

  • composer.json

  • env

  • spark