Upgrade HTML Tables


What has been changed

  • Only small things like the method names and the loading of the library have changed.

Upgrade Guide

  1. Within your class change the $this->load->library('table'); to $table = new \CodeIgniter\View\Table();.

  2. From that on you have to replace every line starting with $this->table to $table. For example: echo $this->table->generate($query); will become echo $table->generate($query);

  3. The methods in the HTML Table class could be named slightly different. The most important change in the naming is the switch from underscored method names to camelCase. The method set_heading() from version 3 is now named setHeading() and so on.

Code Example

CodeIgniter Version 3.x



$this->table->set_heading('Name', 'Color', 'Size');

$this->table->add_row('Fred', 'Blue', 'Small');
$this->table->add_row('Mary', 'Red', 'Large');
$this->table->add_row('John', 'Green', 'Medium');

echo $this->table->generate();

CodeIgniter Version 4.x


$table = new \CodeIgniter\View\Table();

$table->setHeading('Name', 'Color', 'Size');

$table->addRow('Fred', 'Blue', 'Small');
$table->addRow('Mary', 'Red', 'Large');
$table->addRow('John', 'Green', 'Medium');

echo $table->generate();