Upgrade Sessions


What has been changed

  • Only small things like the method names and the loading of the library have changed.

  • The definition of the session table in Database Driver has changed.

Upgrade Guide

  1. Wherever you use the Session Library replace $this->load->library('session'); with $session = session();.

  2. From that on you have to replace every line starting with $this->session with $session followed by the new method name.

    • To access session data use the syntax $session->item or $session->get('item') instead of the CI3 syntax $this->session->name.

    • To set data use $session->set($array); instead of $this->session->set_userdata($array);.

    • To remove data use unset($_SESSION['some_name']); or $session->remove('some_name'); instead of $this->session->unset_userdata('some_name');.

    • To mark session data as flashdata, which will only be available for the next request, use $session->markAsFlashdata('item'); instead of $this->session->mark_as_flash('item');`

  3. If you use Database Driver, you need to recreate the session table. See DatabaseHandler Driver.

Code Example

CodeIgniter Version 3.x




CodeIgniter Version 4.x


$session = session();

$_SESSION['item'];  // But we do not recommend to use superglobal directly.